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Your smile is your biggest asset and you should care for it as such. However, there are cases when, even with vigilant oral health care habits, problems arise. Some patients may have undergone dental trauma, while some may have inherited bad genetics. Whatever the case, our team at Edisto Dental Associates provides our patients in Orangeburg, SC restorative dentistry that restores the teeth to optimal health and appearance.


What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry refers to any services that can diagnose and treat an oral issue. These services will focus on restoring your smile’s function but also it’s appearance. Oftentimes, our restorative dental services will even leave your teeth and smile looking better than it previously had.


Our Restorative Services

If you are experiencing a dental problem, we have the procedures and treatments to restore our smile. Below are some of the services that we offer in this area of dentistry:


Dental Fillings

When you experience a cavity, we will remove the decay and secure the tooth with a quality dental filling. Our dental fillings are composed of composite resin, a material that matches the natural shade of your teeth and are incredibly strong and long-lasting.


Inlays & Onlays

When a filling must be removed or replaced, we provide inlays and onlays. These procedures provide strong, natural looking material that lays over the suface of the tooth to protect it and to enhance its appearance.


Root Canals

When a patient suffers from an infected root canal, it can be extremely painful. However, our root canal therapy, is a relatively comfortable procedure- very similiar to the procedure of a dental filling. Our dentists use skill combined with a gentle touch to treat and restore an infected tooth.


Dental Crowns

A crown is simply a protective encasing that fits snugly over a damaged tooth. It is designed to look natural while strengthening the tooth. We provide both gold and porcelain crowns to meet the unique needs of our patients.



There are several reasons why a tooth might need to be extracted. Some patients experience overcrowding in the mouth, some suffer from extensive decay and some may lose teeth due to gum disease. Our team offers safe and quick tooth extractions that heal quickly and provide minimal discomfort. Our team also offers wisdom tooth extractions for patients who will need to remove these molars to preserve their oral health.


Dental Bridges

Bridges are a great option for patients who are missing teeth. The name of this procedure refers to the “bridging” action that occurs when two crowns are placed over the teeth that surround the space left by a missing tooth. A prosthetic tooth is connected to these crowns directly in between them and bridges the gap left by the missing tooth.



Partials are another option for patients who may be suffering from one or several missing teeth. A partial consists of prosthetic, replacement teeth that are held together and secured in the mouth by a metal framework that attaches to the natural teeth.



Dentures are a tooth replacement procedure that works best for patients who are missing all or many teeth. Dentures are replacement teeth that sit on top of the gums. We provide comfortable, secure and customized dentures for our patients.


ImplantsOrangeburg SC restorative dentist

Dental implants are the ideal tooth replacement procedure. This advanced procedure replaces a missing tooth, starting from the root itself. A titanium implant (replacement tooth root) is buried into the jawbone and creates an incredibly sturdy, permanent tooth replacement that lasts oftentimes for life.


TMJ Treatments

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint- the joint that connects your lower jaw to your head. This joint is constantly working when a patient experiences pain associated with this joint, it is referred to as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ Disorder). We offer treatment that can alleviate this pain and also help you discover what may be causing the pain.


Night Guards/Mouth Guards

We provide professional, customized mouth and night guards that protect your teeth. While mouth guards are often used to protect the teeth from trauma or injury during sports, night guards are used by patients who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching).


Restorative dental services are often more comprehensive and invasive in nature than other preventive or general treatments. This being said, when you are in need of a restorative procedure, you will need to know that the dentist you choose is the best. Dr. Jordan and Dr. Belk are both highly knowledgeable in the field of restorative dentistry. Together, they have restored countless smiles with gentle and skilled care. Our entire team is committed to providing excellence in dental care. For more information on our dental procedures, visit us today or call us at (803) 531-1601.