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There’s nothing more inviting than a beautiful, warm smile.  If you are looking to enhance one of your best traits (your smile), look no further!  Whether you are preparing for an important event or looking to eliminate stained damage for your own peace of mind, we offer simple and effective teeth whitening options that will enhance your smile and confidence.  Take a look at the information below to get a better idea of the options we provide and contact us at Edisto Dental to see about a scheduling a consultation!

What Are My Options? 

At Edisto Dental, we offer some of the most convenient teeth whitening options Orangeburg, South Carolina has to offer.  We offer two different approaches to whiten your teeth: in-office treatment and custom trays which allow you to do your own teeth whitening at home.

In-office Teeth Whitening Solution

Edisto Dental provides Iveri Whitening for an effective in-office solution for whitening treatment.  Designed and backed by dental professionals, Iveri Whitening uses LED light techniques to whiten teeth in just one 20 minute session.  Before beginning an Iveri treatment, it is recommended that patients have a professional cleaning.  Here are the steps of the Iveri Whitening procedure:

  • Vitamin E Oil will be applied to the lips if they are dry and a member of our staff will retract the cheeks and dry the gums
  • A liquid dental dam will be applied and cured by a blue and red LED light
  • A pre-filled tray of whitening gel will then be placed in the patient’s mouth and the blue and red LED light will be placed in front of the mouth for 20 minutes
  • At the end of the procedure, the tray is removed and the patient’s mouth is rinsed with water
  • A second session may be desired and can occur at this time
  • Patients are given the pre-fill tray to take home along with the Iveri re-fill syringe for touch ups, maintenance and continued whitening at home

Benefits of this procedure:

  • Quick and simple treatment – only one, 20-minute session
  • The use of LED light techniques reduces sensitivity often experienced with other whitening solutions
  • Patients can experience 2-8 shades lighter in just one sitting

To learn more about this particular whitening solution, contact our office today and visit Iveri Whitening’s website for more information.


Custom Whitening Trays For Home Use

Our other option provides patients with customized trays that can be used when and where they want to do their whitening. After making an appointment with our team, patients come into our office and complete a consultation with our dentists. During this consultation, they will review your medical history and then examine your oral health to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy enough to undergo the procedure.

Once cleared to move forward, we will mold the trays to the unique shape of your mouth. This will help the whitening gel to cover the maximum amount of tooth surface area. It also guarantees that the gums will be protected from the whitening agents.

Once the tray is customized to your mouth, our dentists will provide you with the professional strength whitening gel. This gel contains amorphous calcium phosphate which reaches beyond the outer layer of enamel to remove deep stains. At home, patients will line the tray with this gel and place the tray into his/her mouth.

The amount of times and duration in which you use the whitening gel will depend on your desired whitening goals and sensitivity.  Drs. Jordan and Belk will help you determine the appropriate duration of this procedure.


Maintaining Your New and Improved Smileprofessional whitening Orangeburg SC

Even though these whitening solutions are very effective and relatively long-lasting, maintenance and awareness of how you treat your teeth will help prolong the improvements made by your whitening procedure. Here are some tips on how to help you keep your white smile as long as possible:

  • Like always, follow healthy oral care habits. Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day will help remove surface stains before they become permanent.  After all, plaque leads to decay which can cause discoloration on your tooth.
  • Be careful when eating/drinking dark foods or drinks. Dark foods that can stain your smile include dark berries, chocolate, beets, etc. Some drinks that can stain teeth are tea, coffee, soda and wine. Immediately brush your teeth or just avoid these products altogether to prevent staining.
  • Schedule regular dental checkups. This will ensure that we will spot problem areas before staining occurs. Drs. Jordan and Belk can catch potential problems before they become real issues – so don’t be a stranger!
  • Avoid smoking. Any tobacco use stains the teeth very quickly. Decreasing the amount of tobacco you use can help minimize the staining; however, quitting altogether is the only way to effectively avoid stains.

Your Whiter Smile is Just a Call Away

Our team is here to help you put your best smile forward.  As the preferred dental practice in the area, we provide convenient and effective whitening solutions that will no doubt meet and exceed your expectations.  Contact our team today and we’ll get you in to discuss which treatment is going to be best for your individual needs.

In the meantime, learn more about our practice and get to know our team and dentists– we look forward to earning your trust and providing you and your family the best dentistry services in the area.

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